About Us

Close to Your Heart Memory Beads has been a beautiful business creation for my husband Scott and I. We found this artistic medium to be classic and elegant for holding life’s memories.

It seems I can’t go a day without being creative. My mother passed on to me a great affection for crafting and the arts. Although she is a very straight lined by the book artist and I am more of an outside the box artist. Taking assorted colors of glass, melting them together and being so filled with excitement for the finished product is one of the reasons why I love working with glass. Doing floral design for over 20 years, my attention to detail and creativeness has been key to my growth as an artist. With the love of creativity and a wonderfully supportive husband Close To Your Heart Memory Beads was born.

Like so many, we strive to create lasting memories and hold close those we have lost throughout our journey. It is such an honor to create a piece of art, a keepsake that is forever reminding us of a special time and place or of a loved one no longer with us.

Wonderful memories such as your honeymoon, trips to the beach, bridal bouquet, the birth of your child, your child’s first haircut and much more can be encased in an artful keepsake bead to cherish. We can help you choose items that work well when added to the bead/pendant making process so your keepsake jewelry is as unique as the person or memory it represents.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please feel free to contact us with all questions regarding the creation process, glass color selection, and shipping procedures.

We will be honored to assist you in keeping your memories Close to Your Heart


Barb & Scott